Our gelato can be g-free.

(If gelato is “g-free,” does that mean it’s ‘elato?)

Once or twice a week we field questions about our gelato and its appropriateness for people living gluten-free.

In most of our stores, we not only have gluten free gelati but also they are made with a local organic milk from Picket Fence Creamery. Only when seasonal or unusual flavors are added do we have a gluten included in our gelati. Flavors such as Red Velvet Cake or Apple Pie actually have flour ingredients associated with those desserts.  Otherwise, we are gluten and often can be dairy-free (for those lactose intolerant).  If the frozen dessert is a sorbetto which is only fruit, sugar and water added then there isn’t any dairy included in the recipe. To be sure, though, just ask your Gelato or Chocolate concierge at any Chocolaterie Stam. They should be knowledgeable and will help you stay “g-free”. Sampling is encouraged and we hope our Gelato will make you ‘elato!




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