Chocolate for Breakfast

painauchocolatWe like chocolate. You like chocolate. But…chocolate for breakfast? You bet your biscuits! We love a good pain du chocolat—a crisp and creamy confection created by the French out of croissant dough and dark chocolate. It never fails to tantalize our tongue when we bite into the surface of the crunchy pastry and have the warm chocolate “break” fast on our senses.  MMMMMM…

Then there is Nutella. Throughout history there have been great duos—Fred and Ginger or Romeo and Juliet to name some—but Nutella, that great mélange of hazelnuts and chocolate on sourdough toast is a fierce duet.  YUMMMM…

All in all, chocolate is not the only thing we will eat for breakfast, but it is our happy go-to when we need the morning intake.

Do you like chocolate for breakfast? Leave a comment and let us know!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate for Breakfast

  1. Lori Morrissey

    Oh man!
    I visited mt brother sailing in the Caribbean several years ago at Martinique. Every morning we would dingy in to drop our garbage then stop for espresso and pain du chocolat! Amazing! My mouth still waters thinking of them! Yum!


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